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The  Spring Term will commence on Wednesday 9th January 2019. There will not be a rehearsal on Wednesday 24th April 2019



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Just a reminder to you all that our attire is black  - black top and bottom for Ladies , for men, the addition of a white shirt. We wear the pink scarves and kerchiefs provided as a touch of colour.Sheet Music should be put in a Plain Black Folder.



Sheet Music should be put in a Plain Black Folder.






Programme for next concert


Learning Aids



Sop_01- 04 And the Glory
01_04 And the glory_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.7 MB]
Sop_02 07 And he shall purify_01
02_07 And he shall purify_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Sop_03_12 For unto us_01
03_12 For unto us_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.2 MB]
Sop_04_17 Glory to God_01
04_17 Glory to God_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Sop_05_21 His yoke_01
05_21 His yoke_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Sop_06_22 Behold the Lamb_01
06_22 Behold the Lamb_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Sop_07_24 Surely_01
07_24 Surely_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.7 MB]
Sop_08_44 Hallelujah!
08_44 Hallelujah!_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.8 MB]
Sop_09 The Virgin Mary_01
09 The Virgin Mary_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Sop_10 At the Hour of Midnight_01
10 At the Hour of Midnight_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.4 MB]
Sop_11 Sleep_01
11 Sleep_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.4 MB]
Sop_12 O my loveliest_01
12 O my loveliest_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.0 MB]
Sop_13 We'll speak_01
13 We'll speak_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.0 MB]
14 Angels_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Sop_15 Blue Christmas_01
15 Blue Christmas_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Sop_16 No small wonder_01
16 No small wonder_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.4 MB]
Sop_17 Every stone_01
17 Every stone_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.1 MB]
Sop_19 Rudolf_01
18 Rudolf_01.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.8 MB]



Alto_01_04 And the glory_02
01_04 And the glory_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.9 MB]
Alto_02_07 And he shall purify_02
02_07 And he shall purify_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Alto_03_12 For unto us_02
03_12 For unto us_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Alto_04_17 Glory to God_02
04_17 Glory to God_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.9 MB]
Alto_05_21 His yoke_02
05_21 His yoke_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.1 MB]
Alto_06_22 Behold the Lamb_02
06_22 Behold the Lamb_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.1 MB]
07_24 Surely_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.7 MB]
Alto_08_44 Hallelujah!_02.mp3
08_44 Hallelujah!_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.9 MB]
Alto_09 The Virgin Mary_02.mp3
09 The Virgin Mary_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Alto_10 At the Hour of Midnight_02.mp3
10 At the Hour of Midnight_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.4 MB]
Alto_11 Sleep_02.mp3
11 Sleep_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.5 MB]
Alto_12 O my loveliest_02.mp3
12 O my loveliest_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.1 MB]
Alto_13 We'll speak_02.mp3
13 We'll speak_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.0 MB]
Alto_14 Angels_02.mp3
14 Angels_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Alto_15 Blue Christmas_02a.mp3
15 Blue Christmas_02a.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Alto_15 Blue Christmas_02b.mp3
15 Blue Christmas_02b.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Alto_16 No small wonder_02.mp3
16 No small wonder_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [992.2 KB]
Alto_17 Every stone_02.mp3
17 Every stone_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.1 MB]
Alto_18 Rudolf_02.mp3
18 Rudolf_02.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.8 MB]
Revised Alto 19 White Christmas
19 White Christmas_02aV2.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.1 MB]



Tenor_01_04 And the glory_03.mp3
01_04 And the glory_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.8 MB]
Tenor_02_07 And he shall purify_03.mp3
02_07 And he shall purify_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.9 MB]
Tenor_03_12 For unto us_03.mp3
03_12 For unto us_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.1 MB]
Tenor_04_17 Glory to God_03.mp3
04_17 Glory to God_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.9 MB]
Tenor_05_21 His yoke_03.mp3
05_21 His yoke_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Tenor_06_22 Behold the Lamb_03.mp3
06_22 Behold the Lamb_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.1 MB]
Tenor_07_24 Surely_03.mp3
07_24 Surely_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.7 MB]
Tenor_08_44 Hallelujah!_03.mp3
08_44 Hallelujah!_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.9 MB]
Tenor_09 The Virgin Mary_03.mp3
09 The Virgin Mary_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Tenor_10 At the Hour of Midnight_03.mp3
10 At the Hour of Midnight_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.4 MB]
Tenor_11 Sleep_03.mp3
11 Sleep_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.5 MB]
Tenor_12 O my loveliest_03.mp3
12 O my loveliest_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.0 MB]
Tenor_13 We'll speak_03.mp3
13 We'll speak_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.0 MB]
Tenor_14 Angels_03.mp3
14 Angels_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Tenor_15 Blue Christmas_03.mp3
15 Blue Christmas_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Tenor_16 No small wonder_03.mp3
16 No small wonder_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [990.5 KB]
Tenor_17 Every stone_03.mp3
17 Every stone_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.8 MB]
Tenor_18 Rudolf_03.mp3
18 Rudolf_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.7 MB]
Tenor_19 White Christmas_03.mp3
19 White Christmas_03.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.1 MB]



Bass_01_04 And the glory_04.mp3
01_04 And the glory_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.7 MB]
Bass_02_07 And he shall purify_04.mp3
02_07 And he shall purify_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Bass_03_12 For unto us_04.mp3
03_12 For unto us_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.9 MB]
Bass_04_17 Glory to God_04.mp3
04_17 Glory to God_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.7 MB]
Bass_05_21 His yoke_04.mp3
05_21 His yoke_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Bass_06_22 Behold the Lamb_04.mp3
06_22 Behold the Lamb_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Bass_07_24 Surely_04.mp3
07_24 Surely_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.7 MB]
Bass_08_44 Hallelujah!_04.mp3
08_44 Hallelujah!_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.9 MB]
Bass_09 The Virgin Mary_04.mp3
09 The Virgin Mary_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.0 MB]
Bass_10 At the Hour of Midnight_04.mp3
10 At the Hour of Midnight_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.4 MB]
Bass_11 Sleep_04.mp3
11 Sleep_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.5 MB]
Bass_12 O my loveliest_04.mp3
12 O my loveliest_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.1 MB]
Bass_13 We'll speak_04.mp3
13 We'll speak_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.1 MB]
Bass_14 Angels_04.mp3
14 Angels_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Bass_15 Blue Christmas_04.mp3
15 Blue Christmas_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.2 MB]
Bass_16 No small wonder_04.mp3
16 No small wonder_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1'005.7 KB]
Bass_17 Every stone_04.mp3
17 Every stone_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.7 MB]
Bass_18 Rudolf_04.mp3
18 Rudolf_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.8 MB]
Bass_19 White Christmas_04.mp3
19 White Christmas_04.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.1 MB]

Weekly Summaries

Rehearsal Notes



28th November


We’ll speak very softly

Clear words

O my loveliest one

Give the longer notes true time.

Bar 44 remember the rest is very important in both verses

1st Verse – see the wonderful vision – open up more


Christmas in Blue

Angels and Shepherds

Note the rhythm and timing generally

Bar 31/32  - particularly God on earth? It couldn’t be.

Watch Les and concentrate on the words .

Blue Christmas

Bar 2 Crescendo on Blue – shape it

No Small Wonder

Bar 11 – Sops – Fright

Every stone shall cry

Alto’s Bar 84 – Note B Natural


Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Watch Les,  - Keep the speed going


White Christmas

Watch, keep together

Bar 61 – Observe the rest – different length for different parts

Bar 63 – glisten – Hold ,watch, rest

Bar 81 – Pause on bright

Bar 82 – 2 beat rest – strings are playing.



21st November

Comments from Les

Use Messiah copies without Black Folders for first half. All photocopies to be in black folders – but if you have the Jazz books – they can be used without the black folders .


Ladies – if you were not there at this weeks practice please talk to someone that was about Scarves and other items.


Tickets -  If you accidentally omiteed to sign for some tickets on the 14th November - please can you rectify this in the red book - as the signed for and returned tickets does not reconcile with the tickets remaining - Thank You


21st November


And the Glory

Watch the ends of notes.

Sit at the end


And he shall purify

Last note – think about Sssssss

Sit at end



Glory to God .

Think about Goodwill



Other Comments

Page 90 – Loud down to Soft – stay standing.

Middle of Page 100 – quieter

Stand just after D on Page 159


The Virgin Mary – we sang through


At the Hour of Midnight – Bar 25  - note two crotchets





14th November

Carol booklet – this music can go in ring binders music to be returned but the Comb binding can be removed & returned if preferred .



Intro will be the first bar.

Clear words required

Bar 28 all singing the same rhythm – be ready

Bar 40 – remember the rest – and watch and 44, 45 

Bar 29 – Quieter Oo’s

Bar 47 – Altos do not go flat on the G’s

p5 at end of first time bars has repeat marks to go back to p2.


White Christmas

Bar 55 and from here on, observe the gaps at the start of bars.

Bar 72 – Rest before White for underparts.

Bar 79 – Watch entries on Merry .

More words required from Everyone –Ah’s quieter – Sops give more then

Bar 75 do not hold onto I

Men watch particularly at Bar 61 &63


Carols for Choirs– 

We wish you a Merry Christmas– not listed on the Programme but it will be sung at the end. Watch as speed changes .



Choir will be standing for the Solos from No14

P68 Glory to God 

Come in clear but not overpowering

Bar 29 – work on getting the last note

P86 His Yoke is Easy

Think about the rhythm of the runs.Watch last but one bar for the break

Confident and clear singing required – particularly when singing quietly.

Page 89 – Top Bflat’s Sops – If you cannot reach it don’t sing – enough can.


Bar 34 – Altos – Sing out. Is light watch rhythm



Christmas in Blue Book


Blue Christmas P27


Keep the timing

Intro – A bar then 1 2 in

Bar 11 Sops – Tendency to sing BFlat – it is B Natural

Page 30 – Watch for the Crescendo  and again Bars 25 – 30.


Next Week

Singing – From now on we could be singing anything from the programme. 

We will work very hard in the first part, then break for longer to have coffee and Mince Pies (if you can bring a Mug it would be appreciated). 





7th November


p171 No 44 Hallelujah Chorus

p173 Don't hold on to last notes; keep them short.

In contrast, make 'For the Lord....' a broad and smooth sound.

p174 Sops & Basses middle line at C, note the dotted rhythm.

p176 Altos middle line - cut last two notes of Lords and come off at same time as Sops

p180 Very last note - have a very round mouth!

Sops - keep the plurals on Lords and Kings short and get to the 's's on time. Equally, on page 176/177, don't putt them in too early.

Watch Les on last page - the four short hallelujahs need to be all together. 

Reserve some power for very last Hallelujah, which is even louder.

The Virgin Mary

Get the rhythm right and don't rely on thinking you know it as there are many different versions

Christmas in Blue

Every Stone Shall Cry

p77 As and Bs - 'triumph' is the key word to emphasise

As bottom line - get 'shall cry' to come through as you're on your own there.

p80 As and Ss - big breath after spearhead

Blue Christmas

Intro – One Bar then  start.

Where Altos split – all sing top part

Bar 11 – Sops watch for B Natural

Make 'blue' lean on to Christmas - also 'you', 'white' and 'right'

P30 Top line - 'die' is only 2 beats

p31 Bs - top line quite quiet.

Page 31 to 32 – Turn page on Fire – Learn the last few notes


Deck the Halls

Les handed out copy in lower key - email

if you weren't there and don't have it. This Version should be used by all.


Spanish Carols


Sleep my little Jesus

FREEZE at end - don't turn page and keep very still – as said previously.

Watch Les at end as he will slow it down.



p91 No 22 Behold the Lamb of God

p92 bottom lime - Sops get the right note on 'that taketh away' - think it in advance of singing it.

Also, especially in rehearsals, come in on time and don't wait for someone else's lead, even if you're not sure. Better to make a mistake and correct it than come in late.

p100 2nd line - get quieter.

Next Week


White Christmas

4 carols in Christmas in Blue

and anything else.

 Please bring White /Green Carol books next week if you have them.





31st October

First, a note from Jo about the sales table -  Jo writes:
Books and CD sale raised a commendable £19:95 (mmmm? how did that happen!!). Big thank you to all who brought and bought. The next sale is the last wednesday in November. It's the arty/crafty one which includes anything created by you. Food items are particularly popular. Please remember your purse/wallet. Credit in the form of IOUs is available. 
And here are the rehearsal notes: 
No 22 p91 Behold the Lamb of God
Keep it moving
Dotted rhythms and semiquavers all the way through. Still keeping the rhythm but can sing more smoothly on 'that taketh away...'
Sops p91 last note - keep on going; it is three beats long
Turn pages earlier than some are - i.e. should be able to remember the last bar
Top p92, last note quieter then get louder towards bottom of page.
p92 middle line - Tenors and Altos need to end 'world' at same time as sops to allow them to come in.
Breathe after 'God', on bottom line p92. Come in quietly on 'that taketh' and don't rush into it; Les will bring us in. Also be careful to keep the tuning up and not go flat.
Sops breathe after long 'world' on middle line of p93
No 24 Surely He hath borne our griefs
Be careful with surely - it's not 'shor-leyah' but with a short i at the end 'sureli'
Don't get too loud with this piece - allow for a crescendo towards 'griefs' then quieter again.
p98 bottom line, don't breathe after 'griefs'. Breathe after 'sorrow's and watch for Les to bring us in on top p99.
Last 'sorrows' on p99 is full crotchet
p100 decrescendo in middle line after 'bruised' which is f.
Bottom line p100, watch 'iniquities' which is full crotchet at end.
Overall  need lots of breath to sustain this piece.
Christmas in Blue
p17 Angels and Shepherds
Note the syncopated rhythm. Important to get it right so listen to the CD
Ts and Bs note not to sing start of v1 and ditto for Ss and As on v2
p22 Put a 't' on the end of 'what'. Keep the syncopated rhythm on bottom line -'there' is short 
p27 Blue Christmas
This piece has a swing rhythm
p31 Make sure we're all back in unison on 'and nothing warms our...'
Bottom line p31 - a tempo at 'no fire' so 'fire' is quite short.
p69 No Small Wonder
DON'T hold on to the end of 'wonder'
p74 Every Stone Shall Cry
Ran through but will do more work with Altos next week on middle section
Vital in this piece to sing together with the words and timing; more important than the notes. Lots of words to get in, so listen to CD and practise.
Next Week
Blue Christmas
Hallelujah Chorus
The Virgin Mary
Carols from white book
+ anything else that Les might choose to go over.
Think that was about it - well, as much as I could take notes for!


24th October


No 21 p 86 His yoke is easy
Note the dotted rhythm in the first line and observe the slightest of breaks after the dotted note. This happens at several points and Les demonstrates on the CD.
Don't hold on to last notes longer than is written.
Where the score shows a different rhythm in little lines over the top, follow it.
Sing mf for 'His yoke...' but then ease off when another voice comes in. Generally the whole piece is fairly quiet and light.
p89 - bottom line starts mf increasing to f on the sustained notes of 'burthen'  and up to ff at letter D on p90, 'His yoke..'. This is loudest point of whole piece. Decescendo down to mf on middle line and to mp by end of that line, 'is light', and then down to pp on last two notes. Watch Les on last line and observe a small break before last two notes.
No 17 p 68 Glory to God
'and peace on earth' is always quiet
p72 Keep very still at end of singing whilst orchestra plays to end.
Carol Book
We'll speak v softly
Les might slow it down 2nd time through at end. Watch.
Start 'We'll' very promptly, almost before a sound comes out - it can take a while!
We're tending to sing flat when it's slower and softer so keep up the pitch.
Note the gap before the last note on top line of 2nd page. Just one person singing through ruins the effect.
At the Hour of Midnight
Make a note of the dynamics in your copies as per previous week's guidance, repeated here:
Chorus always loud
v1 f
v2 starts mp, mf on top line p2 (men) then f on bottom line
v3 p
Sleep my little Jesus
Turn page very, very quietly
Keep still at the end whilst music plays out.
White Christmas
Bar 25/26 Watch and small break between the two bars. Also at bar 41/42
The 'Ahs' on p3 are quieter to let the sops come through with the verse.
Sops need to enunciate words more clearly but not louder.
Don't put too much 's' in middle of 'Christmas' or in 'just'
Bar 55 and from here on, observe the gaps at the start of bars.
Bar 69 add a comma at end and breathe.
Listen to the CDs and follow the rhythm.
No 4 p 11 And the glory of the Lord
Do watch and look like you're enjoying it.
Goes quieter at end
No 7 p 35 And He shall purify
Altos and Tenors take a look at top of p 38
Some Sops coming in on wrong note on bottom line of p38
Next Week
Will do all four numbers in Christmas in Blue - p 17, 27, 69 and 74
Also Messiah No 22 p 91 Behold the Lamb of God
All guidance comes from Les. Any errors are my fault!


17th October

No 12 Fo-runto wus a child is born (not!
The runs are not loud and breathe anywhere you need to, but not so it shows. Keep up with the speed and not everyone has to sing all the notes.
At the end of each run 'us' is always a full crotchet. The ending of 'peace' on p58 should be slightly shorter and this applies wherever the word is followed on by another voice (p60, 62)
Keep mouth wide open for 'wonderful', 'counsellor'.
Don't slow down at the end.
No 17 Glory to God
Not loud at start and quieter for 'peace on earth' (men)
Take care at ending of 'peace' not to end too soon.
Gets loud at letter C on p70 and then quieter for 'and peace on earth' on p71. Altos and Tenors crescendo on last two bars of that page.
Last page, sops come in ff and watch the timing. Take care not to let the 'll's swallow the vowel on 'will' - just touch the 'll' lightly at the end of the word.
Carol Booklet - four Spanish carols
At the hour of midnight
At the start the chorus is sung through twice. Note that last note goes up second time.
Don't be refined with the 'lala's - this is spanish folk song
Then each verse is followed by the second time chorus i.e. middle line.
Dynamics: Chorus always loud. Verse 1 loud. Verse 2 start mp, get louder to mf and then f at end of verse. Verse 3 soft and work twice as hard on diction.
Sleep my little Jesus
Keep the 'Ala's open.
Sops and Altos stay soft on the long notes.
mf on p2 from 'To the world...'
Tenors soft at 'God's angels hov'ring o'er thee...'
Keep physically still in this piece and be especially quiet at the page turn.
'Saviour' is not 'save-Yer' - more of an ah sound
O my loveliest one
Keep it lilting on the verse but change the tone on chiquirtiquitin to be more percussive.
p1 bottom line first bar - Sops and Altos keep last note of chiquirtiquitin short and take breath. Note rhythm along that line. 
NB critical to observe the short rest break before last note on top line of p2
We'll speak very softly
Soft on first page and louder from 'My beloved...' p again for last two bars and take breath before them.
Take care not to put emphasis on last syllable of 'softly', 'saviour', 'beloved' etc but keep light and short with small breath after.
Christmas in Blue
No Small Wonder
Don't slow down before the poco rit, which only lasts for one bar in each case.
It's a waltz rhythm, so lean on first note of each bar.
Page 71, don't breath after 'bore'
page 73, wait for Les to bring us in on last two bars.
Don't hold on to 'der' of wonder at end of each verse.
Next Week
Will work on the Messiah No21 His yoke is easy.
Will go over what we've done this evening, particularly last two.
Also do White Christmas from the carol booklet

10th October

AGM - No Singing


3rd October

Messiah No.7 - And He shall purify
Most of this piece is quite quiet.
p36 Ignore printed f on middle line
p37 Top of page at B is f for the first time until the bottom line when it goes p again. In middle line don't breathe after Lord. Basses note the different tuning at bottom.
p38 second half of middle line, 'and he shall purify' is f, but back to p on bottom line
p39 Sops only are f on top line then lighter on runs and back to p at bottom of page
p40 f from E to end. Breathe after first righteousness on bottom line. No slowing down on last two words, in righteousness.
Keep whole piece light and bouncy. On the runs emphasise the first note of every 8, ie not the first note of every group of 4.
Messiah No.4  - And the glory - just a run through to consolidate
Christmas in Blue - A Blue Christmas
Rehearsed parts in groups of two or three parts to get used to close harmony.
2nd line, first verse, ignore extra note in brackets which is only needed for v2
p28 and elsewhere, the triplet is faster than you think
p29 write white at end of line so as not to stumble at start of v2 when turning back
p31 bar29 very important to get back to singing the right notes harmoniously, whatever wrong notes may have been hit in the preceding and discordant 'icy thorn and briar' phrase.
C in B -  No Small Wonder - just a run through and will work on next time.
Carol booklet - Rudolph
Note and practise the breaks in the flow of the piece to get used to them
p5 at end of first time bars has repeat marks to go back to p2.
There'll be a big slow down on first bar of page 2
Messiah No.17 - Glory to God
Don't start to loud. Gets properly loud at bottom of page 70 at letter C.
This chorus is preceded by four short soprano recitatives which will be sung by individual choir members. Kate will do the last and Les would like volunteers for the other three.
Next time - 17th Oct
Will focus on Messiah No. 12, For unto us, and No.17, Glory to God. Also the four Spanish carols in carol booklet and No Small Wonder in Christmas in Blue. Will also run through other pieces to consolidate learning.

26th September

Messiah No.4 And the Glory of the Lord

Altos start loud on f not mf

Get 'glory' out strongly

Tenors, p12, bar28 - don't thump out last syllable of words eg not reveal-ed (and applies to everyone wherever it occurs)

Brackets over notes at end of p12 and elsewhere effectively change the music to two-time and also changes where emphasis is placed i.e. on first note of each bracket, not necessarily first note of bar.

Sops are often the trumpet voice in this piece - eg see top of p14, 'for the mouth ...' -shorten last note of bar57, take a breath and sing ff.

Then sing mf on p15 until last line at D when it's ff for same phrase

P16 - As, Ts and Bs come down to mp. Sops loud on middle line. All get louder on bottom line up to E. Then come down again to mf on p17.

P17 Sops start mf on top line, crescendo through to f at starf of middle line then down to mf on 'shall be revealed' and on to bar 123 on p 18. Then ff trumpet voice again at F.

The last four bars will be quieter for all.

Be careful to pronounce 'hath' not huth or hoth or anything else.

Christmas in Blue - Angels and Shepherds

Worked hard with each voice on close harmony in this piece - need to learn parts and hold one's own line.

Reinforced learning by singing again at end of rehearsal. 

NB don't hold on to notes any longer than they should be eg very last note of piece and the last of two, three, four 'wings' in each verse.

Carol Booklet - Sleep my little Jesus

P1 Quietly. Also, observe the commas - don't take a breath but break the flow of sound between words (also wherever these phrases occur)

P2 Go to mf on p2 where it changes to  major key - 'To the world....'

P3, second verse p up to p4 then mf again at, 'To the world...'. Back to p on 'God's angels hov'ring...'

Messiah No12 For unto us

Sops ideally would not breathe during rests on page 1 until after, 'a son is given' on bottom line. This maintains the flow of sound better. If a breath is vital then don't show it and don't gasp.

As well as being careful about not singing for-rus, also don't sing unto-wus!

Next week

Will focus on:

Messiah - No7 And he shall purify

Christmas in Blue - Blue Christmas



19th September

Messiah No22 Note the uneven rhythm on p91 and don't smooth out. Don't swoop up to jumps or slide down - just hit the right note!

Altos, Tenors and Basses - straight quavers at Bar15

Cheat with breath on long notes if needed - just don't look like it

Separate 'that taketh' to have tt

No24 - some scrunchy close harmony so learn and hold own line

Breathe at bottom of first page and shorten last note of sorrows

No21 - Keep light in volume and bounce along.

Tenors note rests on p86

All to put slight break before run in each case eg sops Bar 2 after first note

Christmas in Blue - Angels and Shepherds Note that, as written, Sops and Altos do verse 1 on page 1 and Tenors and Basses verse 2.

Rhythm is tricky on p17

Learn own part well so as to hold line against everyone else.

Most difficult for the two inner parts - Altos and Tenors.

Every Stone - nothing to note except that to say that we ran through it

Messiah - Hallelujah Chorus

Avoid pitfall on last page - note the two rests at the end!

p174 - shorten last note on Christ to a crotchet

Paid particular attention to Tenors and Altos on p178

Carol Booklet - The Virgin Mary. There will be audience participation for 1st verse.

As, Ts and Bs - note rest on Bar 2 of p 3

Accompaniment will be strings and piano except for last three chords which are unaccompanied. Les will hold last chord longer if we hit the right combination of notes!

The Hour of Midnight - choruses louder than verses

Next Week - 26 Sept

We have now run through all the music apart from two in 100 Carols and will start proper work on the Messiah - And the Glory chorus and Christmas in Blue - Angels and Shepherds.



12th September


Doh Re Mi


Carol Booklet


At the hour of midnight 

            Rhythm – watch out for for the longer notes

            Read all the words to see how they fit in.


Sleep my little Jesus



O my loveliest one

            Page 2 Bar 14 – Tenors – words should be the same as other parts.



We’ll speak very softly

            Page 2 – time changes

            Altos Bar 17 “bling” should be a quaver and rest as – Sops


White Christmas

Bar 52 – Tenors – should be dotted as other parts. Watch how all the parts fit together and the timing.





No 12 – For unto us– no runs  no  runto us! , Prepare for Wonderful – don’t be late. Page 58 – God is the most important word – save volume for it.

Keep runs in time.


No 4 – And the glory of the Lord.


Christmas in Blue


 Page 69 – No Small Wonder


5th September


It was lovely to see so many new people at our first practice. Hopefully you enjoyed it .

For those members unable to make the rehearsal. Here are a few pointers of what you missed.


Please collect from Rob.


Warm up Rounds

Handel Messiah – Watkins Shaw Version

Concerts for Choirs – Christmas in Blue book

Christmas Music Booklet



Les welcomed everyone and explained that we would be starting with the round Doh Re Mi. We learnt the first part of this. Les said that he would be preparing CDs – Mp3’s (which will accessible from the website) for note learning. The first three weeks will be for going through all the music and then it will be done in more detail. 


We then went through the following:




No 4 – And the Glory of the Lord


 Letter A – together, Also Sops on the high notes – relax.


No 7 – And he shall Purify


Lots of runs in this piece – emphasis on the first of the 4 each time and build up.


No 17 – Glory to God


Christmas Booklet


The Virgin Mary

The Rhythm is easy to get caught out on.


Rudoph the red-nosed reindeer


Christmas in Blue


A Blue Christmas – Page 27

            Alto split at Bar 9 – sing bottom notes for the time being



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