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You raised a magnificent £43:20 at the bake sale. Wonderful donations of cakes - some still warm - and generous prices paid. Hope you all enjoy! The next sale is the Garden Sale - anything for the garden - on 25th April. If you can nurture a few extra seedlings/cuttings that would be grand. 




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Just a reminder to you all that our attire is black  - black top and bottom for Ladies , for men, the addition of a white shirt. We wear the pink scarves and kerchiefs provided as a touch of colour.Sheet Music should be put in a Plain Black Folder.



Sheet Music should be put in a Plain Black Folder.




Weekly Summaries


Arrangements on the Day of Performance


Gain access to Hall at 12 - midday - volunteers required to set up the stage and chairs please ( advise Helen)

1pm - 3pm - Whole choir ready to sing. 

3pm - onwards -  Musicans with Ian

Expect to be back for 7pm please.


Next week is the plant stall.


18th April


List was circulated for members to indicate whether they require programmes at £1 each. Please let Helen know.




Strong Start - Confident.

Worked though Movts 1 and 3 - checking as members requested to.



Same comments as last week


I was Glad - see email re copying music to fit in file - Library copies so we should not punch holes.



Worked through this in the same manner as the Handel.



11th April


Clear Announcement - particularly Middle Section

Last 5 Bars - Breath after a Deo at pp and then no more!


I was Glad

This is the record of John

Pange lingua - Bar 8 Altos - Confident Cor and same applies at Bar 18 to the Tenors

Worked through Haydn and then the men left.

Ladies spent the remainder of time on Psalm 23.



4th April

Handel - 3rd Movement .We spent the first half looking at this. 

Gradual – Locusiste - take more breathe than you actually will need - this will prevent flatness

Pange lingua et tantum ergo 

dropjaws to sing i  - we need to know this well enough to be watching Ian more.


28th March


Haydn – we went through all of this – but hopefully key points listed below.


Kyrie    Sops – Bar 9 – Watch the leap.

  Sops -  bar 19 watch tuning particularly the B Flat


Credo     Men – WATCH – at bar 10 for entry to Bar 11 – think of the tempo.


Benedictus   Sops – Bar 70 Watch notes – again B Flat is not the expected note.


Agnus Deo   Bar 43 – Sops breathe after Parcem, Altos the same in Bar 44 and all parts at  the end of Bar 47.


We ended the practice with singing through This is the record of John, followed by Locusiste by Bruckner.


Next week Les will be leading the rehearsal.



21st March


Sectionals to commence with


 – apologies to Men – not sure what you did but you were all at the Practice.




 Schubert Psalm 23.


Bar 50 – there is a misprint – Top Sops the B Natural should be a Flat.

Firsts are those who are normally firsts – forget this terms split for this.


Bar 18 Breathe before he

Bar 29/30 Note that Sake and Yea are the same note -

Bar 47 –Breathe after Staff

Bar 49  Breathe before last beat Comfort

Bar 51  Breathe after me

Bar 58 – against them – turn into crotchets and Bar 59 Trou – also make a crotchet

Bar 59   Breathe after me and before the last beat of Bar 61 Oil

Bar 61   Oil goes to the last quaver and for top sops

Bar 63   Sops – ignore the words at the top.

Bar 77  take the dot off the first note to make a rest.

Bar 79  Breathe after house

Bar 80  Sec Sops need to add a quaver in for “the” and in the at the start of the bar should be two crotchets


The Men returned for the break


After the buying of Cake and other Goodies




Bar 116 – Sops to do the trill

Bar 136/138 Watch G sharp  and G Natural ( Middle part –Ladies)

Bar 153 – reduce length of first note to give a crotchet rest



14th March


Record of John

Reminder of Notes – Watch timing and listen to other parts.


Pange lingua et tantum ergo

Verse three – there is a typo – Bar 22 should be tu not ti.


Gradual – Locusiste

Men becareful on A Deo – Watch.

Bar 39  breath after Deo

Bar 44 breath after Deo


Haydn – all the way through it.


Next Week

Sectional Practice. Les will go through anything that the Men would like to.

Ladies – Will commence on the Schubert – Psalm 23.


Reminder that next week (21st March) is Bake Off Week – Bring and Buy home baked Cakes and Goodies for Society Funds.




7th March




Bar 21 – quieter



Page 14 – Men – Adagio – Watch!

Page 14 – Bottom of – Take down to quiet.

Amen s – Right down until the final two which should be strong.



Keep up the pace


Agnus Dei


Purcell – I was glad

Sang through this once – anther sectional practice will be arranged to work on this .



Handel – Page 15 / Page 18

Bars 39  - and Bars 66 – Where there are miniums with a mark over them – sing fp.




28th February

Haydn – Kyrie Page 3


Bar 9  - Sops Octave – watch , Basses neat floating quavers, - All watch timing.

Bar 16 – A little Rit at the end.


Purcell – I was glad.

Bar 49 ( Page 5) Basses should be F sharp  on the first the. Second F is natural


Bruckner – Gradual

Bar 7 Basses a little less on Deo and more on Factus Est and Watch

Last Phrase – 5 bars – breathe after crotchets and then no more!

Altos – remember Fa is the whole bar.


Record of John

Match what Les does

Altos Bar 40 be careful .


21st February


Sectional Practice -Worked on the Handel then came together to sing it. 

Ended with a run through of the Btuckner Gradual.


14th February


Les Baker covering for Ian this week. 

Commenced with Haydn - Kyrie.  Remember ri e - Two sounds - as in Bar 17

Gloria  - Think about vowels and make Clear Sounds. Watch the crotchets in Bar 21

Credo  - starts quietly

Sanctus - emphasis the word  in from bar 19 onwards.


Pange lingua et tantum ergo  - we worked through this - singing all the verses. Note the Amen is only after the last verse.


7th February


Commenced with Bruckner


The following markings were added:


Bar 6 – Basses – snatch a breath after ste

Bar 8  - All – Make est a quaver

Bar 9  - very quick breath on o

Bar 12 - All – Make est a quaver – to allow the Basses to breathe.

Bar 16 – Basses – Basses take breath after tum

Bar 21 – Tenors – A natural continuation

Bar 30 – Breathing as earlier

Bar 35 – Basses breathe between ste and a



Pange lingua et tantum ergo


Bar 8 – Mark dotted crotched on si to allow Altos to breathe

Bar 13 – Breathe after pause then straight through 14 – 17 – apart from V3 – when breathe after Honor.

Straight on to Bar 23 pause.

Bar 25 – End of quick breathe

Bar 27 – Cut off – Watch


Gibbons – This is the record of John

Bar 21 – Shorten first note to allow Altos and Basses to Breathe

Bar 78 – Listen to how Voice is being sung. Split.


Haydn  - Gloria


We sang through this to conclude the rehearsal.



A Sectional rehearsal has been arranged – but all parts will be involved all evening as Les Baker has kindly agreed to take the Tenors and Basses.


31st January 2018

Commenced with I was Glad - Purcell - Ladies parts will be referred to as Firsts,Seconds and Thirds.


We worked on this from Page 8 - Glory. 

We then moved onto the Handel - Page 25


We ended by singing the Haydn from Start to Finish.




24th January 2018


This is what you have been waiting for ....hopefully most of it is written as required correctly.





Mainly breathing this week.


Bar 2 after first son

Bar 8  Each voice after comma.

Bar 9 – make Son into quaver

Bar 16 Breathe on the Full stop ( ie make a quaver) – having sung through 15 and 16

Bar 19 Breathe after second beat – No breathe in Bar 20

Bar 22 Breathe after second beat.


Make more of Consonants




Bar 4 – Sops – After 1st Beat, Altos and Tenors with Punctuation, Basses Bar 5 First Beat.

Bar 6  Sops 1st Beat

Bar 8 Tenors   after Mundi, Basses – 1st Beat Bar 8

Bar 8 Sops second beat

Bar 9 Altos Stram

Bar 10 Tenors re

Bar 10 – Basses – 2nd half  before tu

Bars 15-18

Bar 19 last note make a Quaver

Bar 21 Men – make a Quaver




Bar 1 – sop breath on comma

Bar 4 Between beats1 and 2

Bar 5 – all except Sops afterl ast beat

Bar 6 Sops after rae

Men sing on to the rest

Bar 7 Altos after Sunt

Bar 8 – Tenors after lis

Bar 14 1st beat – make a quaver

Sing through from Bar 16 to 19

Bar 23 after beat 2

Bar 27 take a quaver off to breathe

Bars 28-31 no breathing (Basses break off on Est B31.

Bar 34 as punctuation

Bar 38 break at end

Bar43 Make est a quaver

Bar 47 Tenors & Basses – Est – make a quaver

Page 19 Sops Bar 50 Die Breathe – then bottom of Page

Bar 50 Altos after Gloria then last note of page.

Tenors – Bar 47-51 no breathing

Bar 54 Basses – Between beats 2 and 3

Through to Bar 58  but Tenors can breathe bar 56 after dit

All through from 58/59 – 65

Page 22 after every Amen.




Bar 5 – Tenors after oth,

Bar 7 Tenors & Basses at the end of bar – oth

Page 26 – Bar 22 Ladies after sis – sing to end of phrase.

Bar 25 – basses after sis,


We then sang through Page Lingua etTantum ergo.


Ian then gave out the Ladies split for some of the concert.




17th January 2018


Haydn Mass

We commenced by singing the Kyrie

Credo Page 14 – Bar 14 – Est turn into a quaver from Bar 17 no breathing until the rest.

Bar 23 Virgine – breathe – watch last note for cut off

Bar 31  - Bases first note – is a quaver otherpart sing on Full value of note.

Bar 37/38  Breath after Passus.

Bar 43 – est  = quaver


Then onto the Allegro section.


First record of John – our first attempt at this.

Bar 22  - Altos to breath after ly of plainly.

Bar 24 Again Altos breath after Christ.


We finished by singing Gradual – Locusiste


Please add bar numbers to this piece – for ease of being told where we are singing from etc. 


10th January 2018

Haydn Mass - Page 36 - 

Page 34

Bruckner - Gradual ( Locusiste)

Buckner - Pange lingua et Tantum


Next week - will be starting on the Handel.


3rd January 2018

Janet welcomed us back and wished all a Happy New Year after Thanking Ian for his work last term and the planning for this tern.


Three pieces of Music should be collected from Rob if you were not present.


We did a very short warm up and then started working on the Haydn Mass in B Flat Major. The Little Organ Mass. The Parts weave around.



Sops - Bar 2  lei - sing as two quavers.    Bar 9 Sops come off but no jolting - Next is very high note but it should be quiet.



The words are sung by different parts - which makes this a very short piece.  Bottom of Page 9 be ready to turn and know the next note.


Credo - we did not work on this but moved onto the




We did this up to Bar 18. 


Notices - Rob thanked everyone for getting the music back to him on time. Helen thanked those that had paid their subs for the term. She would be grateful if the remainder could be paid in the next couple of weeks. 


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