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Dress for Performances


Just a reminder to you all that our attire is black  - black top and bottom with, for men, the addition of a white shirt. We wear the pink scarves and kerchiefs provided as a touch of colour.





To assist with Learning

Weekly Summaries

18th October


Commenced with Edi beo

Bar 14 Sops to use the word pure, and again on Bound page 4.

Bar 99 – Altos and Basses on will.

Bar 60 – Men – so


Long Son – sing it up.


Ave Verum

Ian was pleased with this – watch the words fluxit and ne


First Chorale – Bar 11 more Alto


Charpentier – Gloria

Sops worked on page 15 and we all sang from 14 – to the end.For the Amens ignore p and f.

Mark 29 – Tenors should be two D’s – this is a typo in the score.


For Next week – Altos and Tenors please try to look at pages 12 and 13.


The ladies then continued for a few minutes working on Infant, So Tiny.


Think about the emphasis of the words – the translation does not necessarily follow.  Eg Mary’s new born Son – do not hit born hard – aim for  Son.



11th October


It was lovely to welcome back Peter Milmer to lead us  - a shorter length of singing due to the AGM.


We commenced with some of his warm up exercises.


Then onto Ave verum copus


We started by sight reading it all together and then Peter broke it down into parts where he felt required.


Remember it is not VAY – that is not a good sound, also note this edition is de Maria .


Don’t drag. Breath adter the first Ave but certainly not after the 2nd.  A Subtle S is required on Corpus.  Vere passum is a crescendo.


The old chesnut of S’s arose again.  Think in terms of:


Cu jus la tu sper   rather than Cu jus la tus etc.


Expect a dim on the bar 29 – and be rid of S’s on bar 30…



We then moved on to Edi Beo


Timing is very important and so are the words..  Again we started by sight reading it all together and then broke it down again where required.


There was a little time left so we did some on the Charpentier Gloria.


4th October


Warm up  :- Gibbons Song 34.


Gibbons Song 46 

 Altos bar 15 a swell on “their

Bass   bar 20 don’t force the G here

Altos  last two bars stress the words “men” and “works”

 Tenors last 3 bars have a syncopated rhythm – sing gently


Bach “Ah Jesus Child”  B Second note (D) sing gently    T bars 7-9 careful with these notes, also if you have a page turn put In the first 2 notes of bar 9 at end of bar 8



Gloria Page 9 There is a misprint in bar 2 Alto line. Cross out the first note(low A) and

change the second note ( high A ) to a minim  All parts have a drop of a sixth e.g. S bars 6-7

 T bar before fig.17 mark the C natural don’t go flat

  From the start of page 10 very fast!!    “benedi_chi_mu   4 bars before fig 20 check your notes a surprising change

  On to page 16 for the Amen we missed out the interim for now

   Sops 2 before fig 35 cut the A on “men” short to emphasise the E


Sung through the Elgar to finish.






27th September


I Sing the Birth. - Page 2 - Altos put off other parts - all to watch pitch.


              Page 3 - Altos - bottom line - COULD first bar -Watch 2nd note.


Gibbons - Song 34


              Beating in Miniums, Watch Stresses in bars - not as expected.


            -Song 46


            We started working through this.




           We revisited the Kyrie and Sanctus.


Bach Chorale - This will be sung in ENGLISH.


20th September


This week we started by learning that the Sops have a part missing in the scores we are using. If you were not at practice please obtain this from Ian. This is on page 4 /5.


We worked through the Kyrie several times, then onto the Sanctus . A repeat bar needs to be marked – this start on page 38 bottom line from Bar 4 until the end of the Benedietus  at two bars after figure 82 just before the hosanna start


Upbeat to figure 83 ( page 39) mark p and ignore the crescendo on the penultimate bar.


On to the Agnus Dei

Another repeat – Repeat all we sing but at the end of the repeated time sing Dona Nobis pacem.


Twiddles! – Sops – second bar of singing – No Twiddle – Altos – Figure 87 – No Twiddle.


Book of Carols – As there are no rolling page numbers please put a marker in  the one called I sing the  Birth


We worked through this. – Key points – Note the * re Quasi – we will be performing as conducted and with no Soloists.


Watch out for the alleluias – they are different on several occasions.



Next Week - 27th September we will be working on the following:-


  • Gibbons – Song 34 & Song 46
  • Mozart – Ave verum corpus
  • Lutoslawski – Infant so Tiny:-



13th September

Thanks to Jilly for taking last night - and Elizabeth for her assistance with conducting. Ian will be back next week. 

The whole evening was spent on the Charpentier - after the Warming up exercises.

Kyrie - we went over whar was covered last week. Making Note that there is the  need to watch the  how the words fit with the notes .


We then followed this up with note learning of the Santus and Agnus Dei.


A few issues around Pronounciation came up but Ian will advise on those.

6th September

Great to see such a large number at practice - however, we are aware of some people that were unable to make it - so for you - this is what we did and things you should be aware of.

Ian indicated that for the next few weeks the Charpentier ( Messe De Minuit) will be the music he will be concentrating on. Notice will be given when Carol books should be brought along. Please see Rob for all music that was given out. There is more to follow.


We will be doing all of  this piece with the exception of the Credo. In place of that there will be Carol Melodies performed.


The whole practice was spent working on the Kyrie. For once we should all have identical copies.


Page 4  Bar 6 – Altos & Tenors push into notes.

Bar 7  Altos to shorten the son – to allow for breathing.

              Basses – Middle line bar 4 e e should be  F not D


Page 5 Altos – third bar – breath after Son before e

Tenor bar after Figure 7 – last quavers of line should be C Natural followed by B Flat.

            Basses – second line first bar – no Twiddle please!


Page 7 Sops – Last bar top line carry the “i” forward

Altos – Fig 13  Ky ri – should be two E quavers ( may be marked in your copy already) conversely  - second line altos – fourth bar – there may be a pencil mark changing the note  F on lie to a G – Ian says we should stick with the F.

Tenors - bottom line first bar - breath before C Sharp.



We meet at: Seaton Methodist Church Scalwell Lane, Seaton EX12 2ST

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